about Kimberly


A native of Victoria, BC, Kimberly once backpacked around the world with her husband, and confirmed that Victoria is the best place in the world to call home.  She now lives with her family, and two cats in a rural home on Teanook Lake in the forested Highlands district, where the biggest challenge is growing food that doesn’t get eaten by wildlife.

Having twice reigned as Queen in the Society for Creative Anachronism, Kimberly has long been known as “the Duchess Meagan” within her SCA tribe; an alternate family and society much loved by her and the kids, and an endless source of creative inspiration.

Kimberly is obsessed with fiber arts, loves acorns and mice, has an excessive bead collection, and wants to “make all the things!” She aspires to be an artist, author and philanthropist when she grows up, but with all the creative clutter in their home, she should probably start with just tidying up the house!



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