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Creative Friday

Linda Dawkins at Natural Suburbia is an inspiring home learning Mama from South Africa who shares her creative journey on her blog. I love her knitting patterns for fruits like this apple! Every Friday she invites folks to share on her Creative Friday page. Click on the bobbin to see some inspiring creations!

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the art of fulling

Fulling hand knit pieces in the washing machine is a very hands-on process. Items go through a slow metamorphous, first slumping into loose, stretchy blobs in the hot water, then slowly firming up, while still lacking defined shape. Pieces are regularly pulled out of the water, squeezed, checked for progress, and returned for more agitation […]

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moebius bowl

As a big fan of Cat Bordhi’s moebius patterns I was keen to make another fringed bowl from her book “A Second Treasure of Magical Knitting.” I used Alafos Lopi for the bulk of the bowl, switching to another wool from my stash when the Lopi ran out. Still needing fringe material, Buffalo Wool (also from […]

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easter goodies

Knitted eggs last so much longer than chocolate ones! Some of these are destined for our local Highlands Easter Egg Hunt, and some for consignment (along with the baskets) at Knotty by Nature in Fairfield.

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woodland slippers

With elven like magic the loosely knit slippers have shape-shifted into their destined form. What feet will find their sole-mates therein?Inspired by the pattern Elf Shoes by Pamela Wynne on Ravelry, I used her cuff and toe, but knit the foot as for a regular sock. The addition of an extra layer knit and attached to the bottom resulted in a […]

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