kimberley’s elf slippers

Several years ago, my friend Kimberley sent me a pattern for Pamela Wynne’s Elf Shoes on Ravelry, and made sure to mention her shoe size!  I made the first pair in fuchsia for my daughter, then modified the pattern and made green ones for my son. My sister request some for her birthday the next year, and then I had to make a new pair for my son, who had outgrown his. Alas, I left those in the washer for about one minute too long and they got just a bit too small to accommodate his growing feet.

That pair went into my craft fair collection, where Kimberley spied them and said, “You know, I’m still waiting for my pair!” which I had completely forgotten about! Her birthday being three weeks hence, I got busy.

kimberley's elf slippers before fulling (by the artful acorn)kimberley's elf slippers (by the artful acorn)I finished knitting the slippers in time for Kimberley’s birthday (yay!), but we waited until she came over before fulling them. At eight minutes in hot water in my top loading washing machine with a few tennis balls and a bit of liquid laundry soap, the slippers were still a couple inches too big all around. Another five minutes and they were perfect. Kimberley pulled them on, warm and damp, and I pressed and squeezed them, molding them to the shape of her feet (bonus foot massage!)

The slippers went from fifteen inches long knit, to eleven inches long fulled. Shaping the toes brought the overall length to ten inches.

kimberley's elf slippers (by the artful acorn)

Kimberley loves how her elf slippers look and fit. I am very happy that she gets to wear them for Christmas, and that she won’t outgrow them!


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