upcycled leg warmers

When you want some knit legwarmers, but don’t want to spend hours and hours knitting, consider upcycling a sweater from a thrift store. A fair isle man’s sweater was perfect for mine.

upscaled leg warmers by the artful acorn

First I cut off the sleeves, turned them inside out, and narrowed them at the top with a couple rows of hand stitching. That allowed me to trim off several inches of excess without the knitting unraveling.


upscaled legwarmers by the artful acorn

After turning the sleeves right side out again, I picked up the stitches around the top and worked a simple ribbed cuff with Paton’s Classic wool. The Paton’s is thicker than the fair isle yarn, and I needed a snug cuff, so I k3tog (knit three stitches together) all around on the first row to reduce the circumference to about a third of the sleeve opening.


upscaled leg warmers by the artful acorn

I determined that I should have narrowed the sleeves more, as the legwarmers are a bit baggy, but I wear them daily (I get cold legs), and they are cozy! Next time I will full the sleeves (shrink them) before knitting the cuffs on.

Time to browse the thrift store for another sweater!

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