nålbound mushrooms

My friend Sarah of Pope Cottage Creations came over on Wednesday to learn how to knit wool bowls. She makes lots of neat Waldorfy things, and mentioned knitting mushrooms. I’ve always wanted to do that, and her inspiration renewed my interest.

Later that evening I was nålbinding a small ball out of a remnant of Loops & Threads Kaleidoscope yarn when I realized I didn’t have quite enough yarn to make a decent ball. But it occurred to me that I might have enough . . . for a mushroom!

nålbound mushroom by the artful acorn

It turned out so well I got out another skein of yarn and made another one . . .

nålbound mushrooms by the artful acorn

And another . . .

nålbound mushrooms by the artful acorn

So I still haven’t tried knitting a mushroom. But I’m excited to see the colourway on the next nålbound one!


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