blue wool norse apron dress

A few days before our annual SCA Daffodil Tournament I decided to make a new wool apron dress for my Norse garb.

blue wool Norse dress fabric and Juniper

Every good sewing project starts with the right tools and materials – good supervision is a bonus!


blue wool norse dress layout

Dress pieces marked out on folded blue wool fabric. I used Vigdis’ Viking Apron Dress layout.


blue wool Norse dress supervisor takes a cat nap

My supervisor takes a nap.


blue wool Norse dress pieces cut out

Pieces cut. I love my soapstone marking pencil!


blue wool Norse dress pieces

Assembly layout.


blue wool Norse dress being serged

I decided to serge the seams because the stiffness of the wool did not lend itself to flat felled seams.


blue wool Norse dress serged

After sewing I ended up removing the two back half-gores as they didn’t drape well.


blue wool Norse dress straps

3 inches wide straps cut.


blue wool Norse dress and tablet woven trim

Straps serged and sewn on.


tablet woven trim on blue norse apron dress

I sewed on some tablet weaving left over from a belt I made last summer.


blue wool Norse dress completed

Completed apron dress (to be worn over an under dress), finished with two days to spare!


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