largesse for sealion war

One custom within the SCA is the bestowal of largess, or gifts, upon the populace by Royalty and Their Representatives. Donations from local artisans are sought out, that their items might find their way to deserving gentles in lands near and far. To gather the large number of items desired, competitions are often held, such as the one at Sealion War (a friendly war between Seagirt and Lions Gate), where the side with the most largesse wins a war point.

largesse by the artful acorn

I hoped the addition of thirty items would help us win the point (leather necklace pouches, carved wooded nålbinding needles, jute cordage baskets, wool nålbound mice, and leather belt pouches).


Baronesses choice for largess at Sealion War

Not only did we win the war point, but my mice won the Baroness’ choice award 🙂

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