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largesse by the artful acorn

largesse for sealion war

One custom within the SCA is the bestowal of largess, or gifts, upon the populace by Royalty and Their Representatives. Donations from local artisans are sought out, that their items might find their way to deserving gentles in lands near and far. To gather the large number of items desired,  (more…)

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miniature nålbound basket by the artful acorn

miniature nålbound linen basket

Inspired by the miniatures I display in two old print trays, my friend Sam has started collecting some for the tray she purchased at Everything Old in Brentwood Bay, BC. I just had to nålbound this tiny linen basket to tuck into one of its little cubbies!

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wool and ivy basket

I was dismayed to run out of basket weaving jute one evening. My family obligingly paused our movie long enough for me to go forage in the garden (must – weave – now!) A few lengths of ivy stripped of leaves provided the needed stakes, while […]

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cordage basket in fine jute with embroidery floss ball

cordage baskets

The desire to weave little baskets announced itself without warning and before I knew it I had a small collection. This was my second attempt, in finer jute with more tension. Weaving the rim to the inside worked well, but […]

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easter goodies

Knitted eggs last so much longer than chocolate ones! Some of these are destined for our local Highlands Easter Egg Hunt, and some for consignment (along with the baskets) at Knotty by Nature in Fairfield.

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