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the artful acorn | purple bog coat | back

purple bog coat

I’ve been asked by several people for a pattern for my purple wool bog coat. This type of Norse coat is a wonderful thing to have at a medieval camping event when (more…)

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nålbound hat by the artful acorn

chorister’s hat

I hadn’t even completed the final stitch on this nålbound hat before one of my daughter’s VCC friends laid claim to it. We couldn’t imagine it looking more perfect on anyone else!  

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olen’s nålbound socks

The Investiture of the next Prince and Princess in our SCA Principality of Tir Righ will take place in two weeks. It takes many hands to create clothing and accessories fit for Royalty, and my contribution was Norse nålbound socks for [. . .]

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nålbound slippers by the artful acorn

sierra’s slippers

I used the Oslo stitch and bulky roving to nålbind these slippers for my daughter. Starting at the toe and working towards the instep, I created a “ladder” to go around the back of the heel. Filling in the back was accomplished by binding 3 into 1 […]

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